EZ Epiphany Art

Blends expressionist gestures with the material sensibility of a pop artist, showcasing enthusiasm and imagination that fuels the art with undeniably contagious everyday-epiphanies to guide life and creation.

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"Art is so personal and speaks to the nonverbal parts of our soul. I love EZEpiphany Art as Erica Zoller's gift is guided by Spirit."

– Dominique Hackett

"Erica's complex artistic talents are reflected in her breathtaking and mystical work which contain layers and layers of images; transporting you to interwoven stories...quite a magical genre she has created. "

– Nimita Dhirajlal – Owner of Nimita’s Cuisine

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Our Mission

To Inspire Creativity, Unconditional Love & Happiness

Erica Zoller hopes to accomplish the very human act of stirring another?s heart to awaken to a more enlightened sense of Being.? Through integrating abstract art in our home and work spaces everyday-items, this supports the cultivation of a self-soothing sense of contentment unconditioned by forms.

Profits generated by EZ Epiphany Art help to support the nonprofit Santa Barbara Wellness, which aims to offer art and wellness programs for local youth.